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"Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there."
-Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

Criminal Defense Attorney

We Take The Pinch Out Of Marketing!


Lawyers – You Want New Clients, Right?

But not just any clients. You want the ones that can afford your services: you want the big fish, not the minnows. So how do you get them? Not by bottom feeding, that’s for sure. You’ll need to be fishing in the right waters, and this means page 1 of Google searches for terms relevant to your prospects. We’ll do the research for you and find out where the big fish are swimming, then get your website there- where it counts!

You’re Busy Preparing For Legal Matters – Let iDesignYours Handle The Web Stuff!

We create simple and elegant websites that will attract new clients and encourage them to call. Our bottom line is improving your bottom line!

Great SEO Starts With Great Content. Period.

What is great content though? Is it a blog post written in legalese, citing caselaw, or is it something that someone working on the stock exchange can understand? Or a doctor, perhaps? This problem is prevalent on a lot of attorney websites: they write their blog posts the same as they write their legal briefs! That’s ok if your client pool is judges, but you’re looking for white collar criminals, high profile homicide cases and federal felonies. The people committing these crimes want a get out of jail card -and they want to know, in plain English- if you can give it to them.

Great Content Includes Great Visuals! Video, Images and Graphic Design

If you want to keep people on your website longer in order to gain trust in your expertise, you’ll need to use eye-catching visuals! The last thing people want to see is one big block of text. Know why? It reminds them of school… and work. Reading your content should be informative and engaging. iDesignYours offers video, whiteboard animation and graphic design – so you don’t have to shop around for individual services. We save you time!

Reputation Management!

On the web, all you have is your reputation. People haven’t met you, they’ve only seen your reviews, on Google, Yelp and the like. If you have any negative reviews, even just one, it may be enough to keep prospects from calling you. Don’t be in this position! We have already removed negative reviews from Google and worked on getting a client more than 25 5 STAR REVIEWS! This client did not have a single 5 star review when we started working with them, now they’re killing it! Let us help you.

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Looks great on mobile devices!

Responsive & Mobile Ready!!! iDesignyours will make your website with a fully responsive layout. Users will love the experience on mobile!

Includes everything from desktop to iphone and everything in between.

Need a web designer you can count on? Look no further!

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White Collar

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Our Mission:

To get your charges completely dismissed, if possible, or reduced so you won’t have to do any jail time. Tell us about your case- we’re here to listen!



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